Name Nickname Resides MOS Tour Rank Job-in-Unit Wife or Guest E-mail Add'l Tours
Alexander, James Deceased AlexOzark, ALSep-68 to Sep-69SSGNCOIC Det B 221st Cam Rahn
Alvarado, Andres Deceased AndyPlaya Ponce, PR56B20May-68 to Dec-69Sp5Powerman in Motor Pool and a driverandyoi_77@yahoo.com2nd Tour in Nam
Anderson, Mike Maryland Heights, MO76L40Jan-69 to Jan-70Sgt E-5AV adminWife Carroll
Andescavage, John AndySinking Springs, PA84CJan-69 to Apr-70E5MoPIc PhotographerWife Melissa
Arizo, Darryl Mililani, HI84B20May-68 to 16-AugSp5Various jobs in still photodarrylarizo@yahoo.comJan 67 - Jan 68 54th sig bn (photo) 54th sig bn (p
Atchison, Terry Walla Walla, WA41ENov-67 to Sep-68Sp53rd Packet (USNS Pope) Camera Repair & FH Photo
Barnes, Vance VanceHondo, TX84C20Jun-70 to Mar-71Sp4MoPic Photog- Special Assignments with Lt Demchuk Wife
Behymer, Roy BEBloomington, IL84B20Oct-70 to Oct-71E-5Field Still PhotographerWife Judyjudy.behymer@gmail.comAug 65 -- Nov 68
Berkowitz, Paul PeachesValencia, Ca8511Jul-69 to Mar-701LtPhoto Team Leader OIC Pleiku Jan-Feb 70Wife
Berlin, Peter PeteDelray Beach, FL8511 & TC DINMar-69 to Mar-701LtOIC AFVN Det 5 Quang Tri Joined 221st Aug 69. Photo Team LeaderWife,
Berry, Robert Deceased Bob Katy, TX8500May-69 to May-701LtPhoto team leader and Phu Bai detachment commanderWife
Bessey, John Thousand Oaks, CA8500Sep-67 to Mar-69CptOIC An Khe for 69th Signal Bn, OIC Tan Son Nhut for 69th/221st, and CO 221st Aug 68 - Jan 69.Wife Duyenbessey@primaryins.comCO, Co A, 141st Signal Bn, Ft Hood, March 69 until
Bird, Jon Atlanta, GA221Nov-70 to Nov-71Cpt.Operations Officer (Seapc)Wife
Bisson, Walter Lakeland, FL0Apr-67 to Mar-6884B1st Packet(USS Pope) Water skiing instructor, Sandbag Detail/Bunker builder, Tree Climber and monkey catcher, Go-For... ADAM Hut erection team and Still
Blocher, David Deceased L-TWheaton, IL2010Jul-71 to Apr-721LT, CptOIC Detachment G Phu Bai and DaNang"Wife: Pham Hoang Trinh aka ""TINA"
Boggs, Michael Brownstown, IL84C/84DJun-67 to Jun-68Sp6Audio Spec and MoPic photographer. What ever was needed.Wife, Dorismchlboggs@yahoo.com66'-67 221st Fort Monmouth
Bramble, William BillDover, DE84B & 84GFeb-68 to Feb-69Sp5Driver/Photog/Quality Control/Major Carson driver and shield. Assigned from 221st to SEAPC, Awarded ACM
Brinson, Julian Asheville, NCMar-70 to Feb-71Sp5Company Clerk
Brown, Denver Clinton, MI84G20Feb-69 to Jan-70Sp4Photo Lab Nights Print
Buchman, Tom Marietta, OH84B20 71Q20Jul-71 to May-72Sp5Photographer, Photo Lab, Shut down photo lab at Phu-Bai. Wife
Button, Steven Rochester, IL4.00E+21Nov-66 to Jun-68Sp4Camera
Cain, Verner Deceased South Carolina, 84B20 to Sp5Combat Photo. A quiet man. 23 Years Army servicecontact Keven Johnson son-in-law: sTwo Tours with 221st 1968 & 1971
Campbell, Clayborn Deceased GeneAlexandria, VA84C200ct-68 to Nov-69Sp5Covering combat missionsWife Carol
Camper, Leslie YoungbloodRoanoke, VA76B40Jun-70 to Jun-71Sp4Inventory stock. Worked in supply, camera repair
Charron, Ronald Victorville, CA84B & 84CFeb-69 to Jan-70Sp5Field/Combat Photographernato7x62@yahoo.com02/71 - 01/72
Conkle, Kenneth KenLenexa, KS84B20May-70 to May-71Sp5Photographer Traveled RVN,Cambodia Wife Kath
Connell, Blake Miami, FL84D20Sep-69 to Aug-70Sp4Slide lab, color photo lab, lots of color negs.slide
Conroy, Wayne St. Cloud, FL84G20Aug-68 to Nov-69E-3Worked in arms room, assistant armorer with Sgt Hunter
Cook, Robert L. CookiePeabody, MA84B20Aug-69 to Sep-70SFCNCOIC,Proj.Ctrl, Field 1st and 1st SgtSon Steven Cookbigred5574@gmail.com66-67 Det A An-Khe 69th Sig 1st Cav Base Camp
Cooley, Jessie Hymera, IN63B20Mar-68 to Aug-70E-4Maintenance petecooley17@yahoo.comExtended 6 mo
Cortellino, Frank TonyPeachtree City, GA84D20Mar-69 to Mar-70Sp4Various duties/I went by the nickname, Tony. I was assigned out of the Qui Nhon Det, Lt Nick Mills/Sgt Dunn were my Team Wife/Jeannie
Craven, Sonny Deceased The Villages, FL8500Jun-67 to Aug-681LTPhoto Assignment Team
Critchfield, Don Cohasset, MA8511 to 1LtPhoto Team Leader
Curtis, Dan Warrensburg, MO8500May-69 to Feb-701LtPictorial Unit Commander of Lab, 60 men in Long Binh. Site visits to Detachment labs.Wife
Cusmano, Bruce Atlanta, GA84G20Nov-70 to Nov-71E-5In house Photographermetartinc@aol.comFt. Devens, MA
Cutright, Leslie LesPrinceton, IN84G20Jun-67 to Jun-68Sp4Construction & Cement between 1st and 2nd Packet. TDY to 69th in Saigon, Tan Son Nhut.
Davis, William BillNewark, DE84B20 Jun-69 to Jun-71Sp5Still PhotographerWife Jeandavisisnotavailable@gmail.comDesert Storm 1990-91
Deaton, Timothy TimAthens, GA76U20Jan-71 to Dec-71Sp4Work Order Clerk, Camera & Projector Repair
Demchuk, Bob Patterson, NY8511Feb-70 to Jan-711LtHad many different special assignments. First was running DaNang press center, then special photo
DeYoung, Tom Helena, MTJul-66 to Mar-68MajorCompany CommanderDYoungstrs@aol.com1965-1966 ACTIVE;1971-1972 39th Signal Bn.
Dixon, William Deceased BillRoseboom, NY52B30Oct-66 to Jun-68E4Generator operator/maintenance/repair/refueling/labs/acwife, joyceRVN 02/68 to 06/68
Doucette, Thomas TomEllicott City, MD84BNov-69 to Nov-70Sp4Mostly B/W labtech sometime photog I was in Can tho and Long
Dulmage, Donald Macedon, NY52B20Nov-66 to Jun-68Sp4Power Generation Equipment Operator/MechanicWife
Dunlap, Roger RogTraverse City, MI8500Sep-70 to Jun-711LtCompany Supply
Ekstrand, Richard RickChisago City, MN84G20Nov-67 to Oct-68Sp5Mostly color photo work. I was in the third packet I set up the color lab and changed the photo paper processing from the small one sheet cylinder to the gas circulated stainless steel tanks that would process ten or 12 sheets at a
Ensign, James Deceased JimUrbandale, IA84B20Jul-69 to Nov-70Sp5Still Photographer at Long Binh and Can Tho Detachment DWife
Erickson, Mark Burke, VA84B2PDec-69 to Dec-70Sp5Project
Essen, Keith CatfishMilford, MI84BSep-69 to Feb-71Sp5Photo Lab Long Binh - Photographer Saigon DetachmentWife Olgaeclectic192002@gmail.comRetired Colonel U.S. Army
Featherson, Bernard BerniePikeville, NC84G20Apr-69 to Apr-70E-5Lab Tech and PhotographerBerniefeatherson@gmail.com2/68-3/69 9th Inf Div.
Federal, Keegan Atlanta, GAJAGSep-69 to Jul-701LtLegal Officer - Lived with the 221st in Long
Fedynak, Don New York City, NY8500Jan-69 to Jan-701LtPhoto Team Leader - XO Photo Supply Officerdfedynak1@verizon.netArmy Pic Center prior
Fields, Sankey CSouthport, NC84G20Nov-68 to Dec-70Sp5Lab Tech/ NCOICWife Nola
Flynn, Eugene Kersey, PANov-70 to
Ford, Steve Cary, NC84B20Apr-69 to Mar-70Sp5Still photog mainly in Long Binh. Lots of work at 1st Signal Brigade HQ.Jeannesbford12@gmail.comR.I.P. Doug Itri
Frost, Richard RichSpringdale, AR84C20Jul-67 to Jul-68Sp5Combat MoPIcrichard@rlfrost.comArmy Pic Center Aug 68-Aug 69
Fulstone, Bob St. Louis, MO to 1LtLong BinhWife
Gabriel, Juan A. GabeVega Baja, PR41FJun-69 to Jul-70Sp5Audio visual equipment repair, gunner, driver almost of everything while in
Gallagher, John South Pasadena, FL8511Nov-70 to Aug-711LtPhoto Officer USARV Liason
Gentry, George , to
Gray, Brian Boston, MA84B20Jul-69 to Feb-71Sp5Detachment "D", Can
Green, John MikeSmyrna, TN8500Aug-70 to Jun-711LTSpecial projects and OIC for Photo Repair, Photo Lab, and AV. Then CO of 221st. Wife
Griffith, Richard RickPhoenix, AZ8500Jul-66 to Feb-672LtBayonet, hand-to to hand, riot control, pcpt training for all troops .. Later Cpt DASPO
Grissom, Kenneth KenFolly Beach, SC84B20Jan-70 to Sep-70Sp5Art Director for Jagged Sword magazine /Combat Art Section. Memorial drawing for Ghost Rider 079Wife, Virginiakrgrissom@gmail.comThailand Oct 70-Jan 71 Army Artist XI
Hakes, Thomas HackIndianapolis, IN84G20Jan-67 to Jan-68Sp5Photo Lab TechnicianWife Cathy
Hamilton, Thomas TommyMiddleton, NY52D20Mar-67 to Jun-68Sp4Generators. All motor pool repairs. Driver and numerous jobs when needed. Part of first buildup at Ft Monmouth. Shipped out 4th packet on the USNS UPSHURWife
Hammeren, Ronald RonGreenville, NC84B40Nov-68 to Nov-69E5Still PhotographerWife
Hawkins, Roger Sonoita, AZ8500 8511Jun-68 to Jun-691LtCommander Det A AhKhe & Pleiku. Leader roving Photo TeamWife Yajairarb.roger@gmail.comDASPO Pentagon
Hemgesberg, Gerald JerryChesaning, MI52B20May-68 to May-69Sp4Generator operator and later Mail ClerkWife
Henke, Richard Pittsburgh, PA84C20Sep-68 to Mar-70Sp5MoPicBravo TeamWife
Hill, Richard Spring, TX41F20Feb-68 to Feb-69Sp4Repair all A-V equip, including some Still and MoPic equipment. Cross trained for Combat Photography, but never awarded MOS. Long Binh and SEAPC Tan Son Nhut Air Force BaseShirley Lund
Hillerby, Bob Deceased KillerbySherman, TX84BSep-66 to Sep-67Sp4Combat Photographer !st out of Camp Gaylor then to detachment A at AnKhe (B 1/9) 1st Cav Div (Airmobile)
Hinton, Charles ChicGainseville, FL84B20Feb-70 to Mar-71Sp5Combat Photographer Det C
Hodgdon, John Rotonda West, FL84B20Jul-69 to Jun-70Sp5Still Photographer Det G Phu Bai and Danang Press
Hoffman, Kenneth KenMorristown, NJ8511Jun-69 to Jun-701LtSpent first 6 months as OIC Pleiku / 2nd half as MACV MoPic Team
Holland, Ken Alpharetta, GADec-70 to Mar-71PFCMorning report clerkCathy
Hollingsworth, Bruce San Diego, CA84C20Npv-68 to Nov-69Sp5MoPic
Holmberg, Lon Orange, VA84B20Jan-71 to Dec-71E4MoPic/Stills - Later Gen Abrams photog
Ingle, Larry Lafayette, INAudio VisualNov-66 to Jul-71SGTI WORKED IN THE AUDIO VISUAL CENTER IN LONG BINH AND SAIGON, I was at Fort Monmouth until Feb 1968 with the 221st. We were the last detachment to go from Fort Monmouth we got to fly. We didnt have to take a boat
Jensen, Chris Bethlehem, NH84CApr-70 to Thursday July 1 1971Sp5MoPic and Stills - Ripcord - Laos - CambodiaWife
Jernigan, Hollie RichardMilton, Fl84GMar-70 to Mar-71Sp5Photo Lab Tech (B&W & Color)Wife,
Jesfield, Bennie Deceased LeRoyBerne, IN72B20 81E20Jun-69 to Jun-70Sp5Illustrator & Graphic Artist - I did the combat SEAPC photographer sketch of SP5 Larry Gault.Wife
Jiminez Jr., Ricardo RickSalina, KS4E + 21Dec-68 to Aug-70Sp5NCOIC of the Photo Equipment Repair sectionJ.J.
Jolly, Vincent VinceWapakoneta, OH26T20Jun-67 to Jun-68Sp4Assigned to 221st Ft Monmouth fall of 66. 2nd packet on USNS Geiger (June 67). Did Home town new releases of service members doing their job in VN. Assigned to 69th Sig (Oct 67) Wife/
Jones, Harlan Fergus Falls, MN84B20Jul-69 to Jul-70Sp5They had no openings for my MOS when I arrived in Viet Nam, so I volunteered to work in the photo lab. I worked the night shift printing color prints and
Kachergins, Ron SpiderSherwood, ORO3C20Oct-68 to Oct-69Sp4Developed. In charge Camera
Kane, Thomas Tom Egg Harbor Township, NJ84B20Mar-70 to Oct-70Sp5Stillman worked out of Long Binh Mar to May - Pleiku from May to Sept. Worked with SP4 Bob Wornum at Firebase Exodus in Cambodia Wife Annie MarieTFK9821@YAHOO.COM
Katz, Marty Malibu, CA8500Jul-68 to Apr-691LtCombat Pictorial Unit CommanderWife
Kelly, William BIllBonita Springs, FL8500Jun-69 to Jun-70Cpt221st Company CommanderWife
Kennedy, Ralph WashingtonSpokane, WA84G20Nov-67 to Apr-68Sp5Photo Laboratory
King, Greg Casper, WY41F20Jun-66 to Apr-68Sp4Camera Equip Repairman and any details that were required. I was with the Company at Ft. Monmouth at the beginning. Deployed w/4th packet USNS Upshur
Klein, Peter Deceased , 84G20Oct-68 to Oct-69Sp5Need info. Peter's son Mike interested in hearing from anyone who knew his
Klubock, Steve Winter Springs, FL84BNov-68 to Aug-69Sp5Still
Kramer, Kit Ottawa, IL84B40May-67 to Jun-68SSG E-6Detachment NCOIC, Photographic Team Leader Platoon Sgt 1st Pltfkit43k@gmail.comFeb-May 1962 tdy from APC, Mar - May 1966 & Sep -
Krull, Gary Deceased Williamsburg, VA213Feb-69 to Friday May 1 19701LtSupply officer and Combat Photo Team
Labram, Frank Deceased Anniston, ALJul-67 to Jul-68MoPIc Combat Photographer, Vietnam, Tet Offensive Jan 1968. Sept-Dec 65
Lang, Charles Deceased ChuckWashington, UT71B30Mar-70 to Mar-71E5Orderly room Typing Awards 1st Month I was In Country. Put in Main Company Supply for the rest of my tour.Wife
Larkin, Ed Deceased WildmanLas Cruces, NM84B3FOct-70 to Oct-71Sp5MoPIc
Lasby, Stanley Deceased LizardDenver, CO84B20Apr-70 to Apr-71Sp5During Cambodian Incursion recovered negatives of NVA pics of surgery in open jungle. General coverage & able to cover Bob Hope's shows along with Evan Mowerlasby80247@gmail.comReturned for a few months with DASPO Pacific detac
Lepore, Frank Mount Pleasant, SC8500Apr-67 to May-68CptOIC Packet #1, Acting CO; AB Detachment
Letzer, Larry Copperas Cove, TX8500Jul-69 to Jul-70CPTOperations in SEAPC. 2nd Vietnam tour. Left SEAPC to assume command in 25th Division. B CO 125th Sig Bn. Tay Ninh.BerniceLletzer3@hot.rr.com1st VN tour Dec65 to Dec66 photo Officer with 1st
Levin, Frank Hood River, OR8511Feb-69 to Feb-701LtOIC MACV Team Army BravoWife
Loehrer, Mike Rapid City, SD8511Feb-69 to Apr-701Lt, CptFirst 160th Group PR then 8 months as photo team leaderWife
Lopez, Carlos Houston, TX84C & 84GDec-67 to Dec-68Sp5Lab Supervisor night shift Jan 1968 to Jun 1968 - MACV A TeamBettyCarloslopez1942@hotmail.comTDY from APC 1965
Lovejoy, Robert BobSylva, NC84C40Jan-71 to Dec-71Sp5Motion and Still
Lowe, Harold Deceased HalKennett Square, PA84D20Nov-68 to Nov-69Sp5DOD out of Saigon. Recorded/edited audio. Assisted with filming. Best friends Bernie Sylvia, Larry Watson & Henry Morgan (sorry Henry, don't remember your actual first name#. I'm currently QA Manager for Affiliated Computer Services #ACS) out of Newark, DEwife, Beth
Luckey, John Gastonia, NC84C20Jun-70 to Oct-71Sp51st yr Field Photograph Special ProjectsWife
Ludwig, Joe JoeSt. Louis, MO52D30Feb-68 to Feb-69Sp5Armorer, Mailman, truck driver, generator maintenance, NCOIC Generator
Lurch, David Deceased Roanoke, VA84C20Mar-70 to Sep-71Sp5MoPic Combat PhotographerDaspo July72 til Nov 72 -Served witReceive Purple heart Oct 72 while filming briefing
Lyford, Dennis Dover-Foxcroft, ME84C20Jun-66 to Aug-67Sp4MoPic LabWife
Jenkins,Lawrence Deceased JENKSLost Springs, KS84C20Jun-70 to Mar-71SP5MOPIC PHOTOGRAPHERCONNIE
Marks, Tim Jackson, MI84G20Nov-68 to Sep-70Sp4Photo lab
Mathis, Larry High Point, NC84G20Sep-69 to Sep-71Sp5Typed captions for photos (6) months, Kodak Versamat Film Processor, Web Lab & Color slides processor. Wife Eva
McCarroll, Robert MickMilton, NY71L40Nov-67 to Feb-69Sp5221st Clerk from Nov 67-Oct 68. Clerk for Maj Carson Oct 68-Feb 69 SEAPCWife,
McCoubrey, Scott Fort Smith, AR84D202/1/1970 to 1/1/1971Sp5Photo lab in Long Binh and Sound man on mopic team out of
Milazzo, Robert BobMohegan Lake, NY84B2010/1/1966 to 10/1/1967Sp4Still photographer/part of a photo team,video/soundman /NCO/officerWife
Mills, Nick Cumberland Foreside, ME850012/1/1968 to 12/1/19691LtTeam Leader/OIC Qui
Mingone, Mario Mohegan Lake, NY4E + 213/1/1969 to 4/1/1970Sp5Mostly Camera Repair. Spent time on the road with remote
Morrow, Roy Shaker Heights, OHAp-71 to Dec-711LTCompany Execuvite
Nestler, Herb Putzbrunn, Bavaria GermanyMay-70 to Feb-711LTSEAPC Liaison Officer to
Neubauer, Richard RickWestlake, OhioDec-70 to Sep-71E-4Company Clerk - With SEAPC for a few months, then 1st Sig. Friends with Evan
Newhouse, John Round Rock (Austin), TX84G20Mar-70 to Mar-71Sp4Photo Lab Tech @ Long Binh, B/W and Color films, prints, transparencies, reproductionsWife E lkenewhouse_john@yahoo.comtours in NC, DC, OK, GA, Germany, Desert Storm
Nunley, Luther McMinnville, TN84C 84B 84GMay-66 to Apr-68Sp5Worked primarily in mopic lab processing black and white film &Metro Kalvar Prints, I was an original member when the unit was formed. That explains the almost 2 years I served with the
Nunn, Dale Camano Island, WA84G & 84BOct-71 to Aug-72Sp4Lab rat at first, then photographer. Long Binh, then Cam Rahn Bay until it closed, then Nha Trang & back to Long Binh.
Olson, Earl Mendota, IL84B20Nov-69 to Dec-70Sp5Started as driver for CO then assign to Saigon Det then Danang DetWife,
Orr,Wesley WesleySunnyvale, CA84D20Feb-69 to Dec-69Sp4Member of Detachment C, Saigon - Developed Ektachrome color slides, color negatives. Spent first month in Long Binh, then spent the rest of my tour in
Osborn, Wilton ChipOverland Park, KS8511Nov-67 to Oct-681LTOIC Team D; 1st Aussie Task Force; Kewis; Thai Queens Cobras; Tet Offensive 1968; Battle of Baria;, Lang Vei; A Shau Valley; Khe Sanh; Phu Bai; Hue; Citadel; Imperial Palace; DMZ; General Westmorland. General Rosson, Chief of Staff Harold K. Johnson. Team was awarded one Purple Heart, One Bronze V, One Silver V. Citation from 63rd Sig Bn for work done in Phu Bai. Great photographers & great guys. Returned to 221st for remaining tour. OIC Photo Lab. Worked with a talented group of men. They were a joy to be with.Wife
Panecki, John Deceased North Port, FL52D20Mar-67 to Jun-68Sp4Motor pool records, repair, driver, wrecker driver, grease monkey - 4th PacketWife Karen
Papurt, Ivan PappyHavertown, PA84C20Mar-70 to
Patton, Gary Deceased GeneralApalachicola, FL84B20May-70 to May-71Sp5Combat still photographer Pleiku (tropo hill)Wife
Petlock, Marty Fort Pierce, FL84C20Aug-67 to Jul-68E-5Mopic camera & narration. Ops Office. MACV HQ as Gen Westmoreland's broadcast Specialist. 2nd Packet USNS Geiger.
Pointer, Robert BobDallas, TX84CMay-71 to Apr-72E-5Operations
Poorman, Lewis Deceased LewAltoona, PA84B20Apr-69 to Dec-70Sp4OJT on extension of 1st tourWife
Preecs, Gordon GomezMonroe, WA84B20Aug-70 to Mar-71Sp5Started in the field during Cambodia incursion but spent most of my time at SEAPC front desk with Dennis TannerWife Connie gpreecs@gmail.comReturned to Active Duty as Flight Surgeon at Ft. L
Radcliffe, Wayne Evergreen, NC84G20 84B20Apr-68 to May-69Sp5NCOIC Pleiku detachment Catherineradcliffewayne@yahoo.com1965 - 1966 69th Signal Bn. out of Fort Lee VA. fi
Read, Reginald Sachse, TX84B20May-70 to May-71Sp5Still Photographer - Danang Detachment Susan
Rifenbark, James JimMerraim, KS84B20Dec-70 to Nov-71Sp4Inhouse/studio some field work and Thailand R&R sightsWife Deb hu13bark@gmail.comKS National Guard-Medic
Rockoff, Al Fort Lauderdale, FL84B20Apr-67 to Dec-72E-5PhotographerVicktoria Bornasalrockoff@usa.net2 Tours with 6 month extensionsf
Rodriguez, Alfred Fred & RodSan Antonio, TX52B30Nov-69 to Nov-70Sp4Clerk in caption & printing room Project Control Driver for LTC Colville & Major Bue. Richard Haney room mateChristinefree-tx1@swbell.netGermany = 2, Italy, AZ. TX = 5, Korea, Virginia, N
Roe, Clifford CliffThe Woodlands, TX84BMar-69 to Mar-70Sp5Photographer for Gen Abrams, MACV
Roe, Tom West Hills, Ca8511Nov-69 to Aug-701LTOIC Qui
Roederer, Russell RoeWaxahachie, TX84G20May-70 to May-71Sp5Lab TechWife
Royce, Norm Richmond, VANov-69 to Nov-701LtOIC Saigon Photo
Ruez, Paul Vista, CA41Jan-70 to Dec-70E-5PLL Clerk and
Rusello, Robert Deceased Tamarac, FL84G20Mar-70 to Mar-71Sp4Photo Lab Ops, B&W and Color SlideWife,
Salazar, Jacinto Lake Jackson, TX 84G20Oct-69 to Nov-70Photo Lab
Saller, James JImRochester, NY84B50Jun-70 to May-71Sp5Assignments all over RVN and Cambodia - mostly in I
San Hamel, William Deceased Parkridge, IL 8511Jun-66 to Jan-671LtOIC Team FC Newsreel, 5 man newsreel
Schwaller, John Red Bluff, CA41G20Jan-69 to Apr-70Sp4Army
Seaton, Richard RickTrenton, MI84B20Jun-67 to Jun-68Sp5Mopic with pat delta jun67-dec67, work order spec feb68-jun68, USNS Geiger contingent, ft. Monmouth NJ
Seifert, John JackSherman Oaks, CAAug-68 to Aug-691LTPhoto team leader in the field, then Saigon Photo Unit
Shimshick, Sammy SamboJasper, GA41EJun-68 to Jul-69Sp5Repair cameras for Photo
Sikes,William BillAthens, TN2210May-68 to Apr-691LTAdmin OfficerWife
Smith, Ralph Hereford, AZNov-67 to Oct-68CptOrganized and took thrid packet from Ft Monmouth to Viet Nam. Third Company Cammander following Maj Cameron SaylorWesternwaterworks.smith@gmail.comRetired Major. Ft Huachuca Arizona Jul 1979
Spickelmeir, John Vietnam, Near SaigonJun-68 to
Stanley, Jack Amarillo, TX8500Jun-68 to Aug-691LTOIC Photo Maintenance Photo Team Leader if neededMary
Stanton, Don Deceased Dothan, AL84B20May-70 to Jun-71E-4Still photo work, was mainly in the field
Stewart, Stacy Signal Mountain, TN8500Jan-72 to Jun-721LTPhoto Team
Stiefel, Erick Pottstown, PA52B20Jul-69 to Sep-70E-4Jeep driver generator operator
Surgent, Don Deceased Mashall's Creek, PA8500 8511Nov-71 to Nov-721LTPhoto Team Leader - Company XO - An honor to have served in the 221st.Wife,
Swartz, Bob BoboSan Antonio, TXJul-69 to Jul-701LtSupply Officer and Combat Photo Team Director CO approx Jun-Jul 70Wife Grace
Tanguma, Marin Alice, TX63B20Dec-68 to
Thomas, James LuckyFolsom, CA84CJun-67 to Jun-68Sp4Motion Picture cameraman Wounded at Dak To in Nov 67, reassigned to Phu Loi as Field Radio Repairman after returning from hospital in Japan.Janet
Thomas, Nelson Ocean Isle Beach, NC84C20Jan-70 to Dec-70Sp5MoPic Photograher and in charge of Camera IssueWife
Tronnes, Roy Eureka Springs, AR84B20Jun-69 to Dec-70Sp5Photographer in Qui Nhon Detatchment
Tucker, William Salem, OR8500May-70 to Apr-711LTOIC IV Corp Photo Support, Can Tho Detachment. OIC Photo
Turner, Chris CDTBanner Elk, NC84B20Apr-70 to Apr-71Sp5Photographer did assignments in Cambodia and RVN
Turner, Larry Belmond, IAMar-69 to Apr-70E-5Photo Equip. Repair section parts
Van Epps, Jim Deceased Blaine, MN84C20Jul-71 to May-72Sp4Field MoPic Photographer. Detachments, mostly Phu Bai. Field Team-Ron Charron team leader, John D. Wilkinson still. Used Filmo and
Vargas, William BillManchester, NJAudio SpecialistJun-66 to Jul-67E-4Audio - AFN-Europe Hoechst, Frankfurt as Audio Broadcasting
Wagel, Stephen Steve, 63B20Mar-67 to Dec-67Sp4Wheel Vehicle Mechanic. I was one of the first 9 soldiers that started up the 221st in Fort Monmouth, NJ in 1966. Wife
Wekerle, Paul Patchogue, NY8500May-70 to Apr-711LtOIC Pleiku Detachment May-Dec 1970. OIC Saigon Detachment Dec-April
Wilhite, David DaveMt. Pleasant, TN84C20Sep-67 to Sep-68Sp4Motion Picture Photographer. Spent the first six months building our hooch'es When the tet offensive started I got sent all over the country with camera in handWife
Wilson, Wayne Tulsa, OK63C40Oct-68 to Apr-70SgtWheel mechanic, Motor
Wilson, William BillTucson, AZ84B40May-70 to Jun-71Sp5Still Photographerwilsonwr48@hotmail.com10/71 - 10/72
Wingender, Kenneth Bellevue, WI8500Apr-67 to Apr-681LTMotor Pool Officer and Moving all detachment equipment from Siagon docks to Long Binh.Wife,
Wingham, George Deceased LarryNorth Hollywood, CA71B20Jul-66 to Jul-67Sp4Hooch construction, motor pool. Personnel clerk 3 wks. Newport Stevedore Ferry APCs to LBP 9 months as supply gopher for SFC Schmidt/SSG Kaplinski (Ski) Ration breakdown, KP runs to Bien
Winston, Eric OhioXenia, OH84G20Oct-67 to Jun-68Sp5I was converted to a Motion Picture Film Editor shortly before we left Fort Monmouth in Oct 67 on USNS Pope. Wife Karen
Wolak, Joe Pearl Beach, MI84C20Oct-69 to Oct-70Sp5MoPic PhotographerWife Sheila
Wolzien, Thomas TomNyack, NY8511Sep-70 to Sep-711LTField producer, Phu Bai Detatchment OIC. OIC Photo BranchWife
Burns,Edward Cocoa, Fl84g20Apr-70 to Apr-71E4Photo Labedburns88@gmail.comApril 71 to the end of November 71 in Phu Bai
Haney,Richard RichFrederick, MDDec-69 to Dec-70SP5Clerk @ SEAPC admin
Doran,David Davemcgraw, NYFeb-68 to Jun-68sp4Generator repair motor pool last of company to go
Manning,Timothy CARancho Santa Margarita, CA84G20Mar-70 to Mar-71SP5B&W, slides, color, projector
Wilkinson,John San Jose, CA84B20Aug-71 to May-72SP4Mostly shot ARVN training, stand downs, etc.Carol
Rupnik,Jon Mt Pleasant, PAMar-67 to Mar-681LTPhoto team
Santana,Jose Enrique Port Orange , FL41E 84BSep-71 to Oct-72SP5Camera Repair: (1970 -1972) Spent time on the road with remote assignments in Phu Tai, Cha Rang Valley with 173rd Airborne Brigade, Nha Trang, Da Nang with the 35 Signal Bn and 3rd Marine Div, also spent time just outside of Qui Nhon with ROK unit for 5 days, and Saigon.Rosa M
Herrington,James RichardOklahoma City, OK84C20Apr-70 to Apr-71Spec 5Primarily Color Print Lab, B/W Photo
Youngs,Toby The Villages, FL84G20Feb-68 to Feb-70Sp51st year: Photo Lab in Long Binh and 2nd year: Photo Lab and Photographer in Cam Ranh BayEllen Youngstobyyoungs@yahoo.com1977 - 2000 121st Public Affair Detachment of the
Schermer,Steven Louisville, KY84G20Apr-72 to Jul-72SP4Lab Tech,
Abraham,Gary Lil RascalROCK, WV84G20Mar-70 to Mar-71E-5I worked both in the lab and as a photographer.Janet M Abrahammoparman49@yahoo.comOnly 1 tour
POWERS,MARK GACLEVELAND, GA41F20Jan-70 to Sep-70SP4Det F A/V support an Equipment
Fisher,Larry Reseda, Ca84C20Jul-69 to Jul-70SP5Night shift in lab developing and copying color slides and prints - not my original MOSKathy
Shea,John Shalimar, FL84G20Apr-71 to Jul-72SP5Did the color printing on Long
Gerhard,Tom Laguna Niguel, CA81E20Apr-70 to Jan-71SP5Graphic IllustratorEileen
Leonard,Robert BobMount Joy, Pa84G20Nov-67 to Oct-68SP4Lab tech at Long Binh and Ton Son Nhut
Mower,Evan FamedYucca Valley, CA41E20 (1day) 84B&CApr-70 to Apr-71SP5Still & mopic photography, watch manufacturing, album producer, general troublemakerCarolyn Kohler -
Anders,Larry Kerrville, TX41F20Aug-71 to Dec-71SP4Projector Equipment RepairManaschuen
Heine Jr,Robert L Pittsburgh, PA71H20Does not apply-67 to Does not apply-69SP5221st Ft. Monmouth NJ 1 of 9 to depart from Ft. Monmouth to Long Binh Vietnam. Company Clerk sporadicly. Frank Lepore CO. On ship for 30+ days. Set up site, went from tents to constructing Quonset huts. Sent to Phu Bai to set up 706th Detachment, myself and John Garra were there for at least 30 days constructing site, fencing, bunkers, job site offices. This detachment was teletype repairman etc., required top secret crypto clearance. Spent 19 months on my tour. Was involved in the TET Offensive in Hue. CO Gaynor, WO? Sgt GosneyRoberta
Linn,Ray St. Augustine, Fl84B20Jul-69 to Jul-70Sp5Still PhotographerBarbara
Watts,John District Heights, Md84B & 84CApr-67 to Mar-68sp/rapherstill photographer...was MACD HQ photographer Nov 67-Feb 68jwinfville@gmail.comphotographer with 39th field photo Nov 64- Nov 65
Scott,Ed Taos, NMFeb-68 to Feb-70SP-5Lead Photographer - Qui Nhon Photo DetachmentMei Scottews1248@gmail.comI served two back-to-back tours - 1st as radar Air
Tanner,Dennis Deceased Detroit, MI84B20Mar-70 to Mar-71SP5Dennis was the front desk staffer through most of his servicegpreecs@gmail.comDennis passed away about 3 years ago by my memory.
Oldenburg,Bart Akron, OH8500Jan-72 to Dec-72CPT221st Signal Company CommanderDianne
Gunsolley,Francis FrankDiagonal, IA81E20Apr-70 to Jan-71E5Graphic
Stevens,James Merrifield, MNMar-70 to
Espinoza ,Alan Gordonville , PaSep-70 to Sep-71SP 5Still Photography Linda Espinoza
Gaynor,Charles CharlieWashington, DCMar-70 to Jun-71Sp5Photographer at 221st then transferred to SEAPC-MACV as Gen Abram's photographer
Schellhaas,John JackBridgeville, PAMay-67 to Mar-69sp/5still photographer/labjackschell101@gmail.comextended 2nd tour
Kaplan,Vic Sherman Oaks, Ca8500Nov-68 to Oct-691LtPictorial officer various.
Conroy,Wayne FlSaint Cloud, Fl84G20Aug-68 to Nov-69E-3 Worked as weapons assistant armorer, with Sgt. Hunter.
Fordahl,Carl LesBloomington , Mn81-EJul-70 to Jan-71E-5Joined Eric Chandler, Gerald Sorenson, and Chester Satkamp to make a four man team to travel to other signal field units to sketch and do paintings of the war and their daily activities. Artistvetles@live.comWas assigned TDY after finishing a communications
Cahill,Alan AZGoodyear, AZ84G20Nov-69 to Jan-71Sp 4Lab tech, but primarily still photographer throughout I CorpsMary Lou "Lucy" (deceased)
Reischling,George TNRutledge, TNDec-69 to"To those who have fought for it, Life has a flavo
Carter,Dwight South Orange, NJ84BNov-68 to Nov-69Sp4Combat Photograher and Gen. Craighton Abrams personal