I served with the 221st Signal Company (Pictorial) Vietnam between Jul 1969 and March 1970.

This web site is meant to be a gathering place for 221st Signal images and memories.  The site began its tour of duty on Oct 1, 2010.   I will continue to maintain this site on a voluntary  indefinite status.    All who served with the 221st Signal in Vietnam are welcome to contribute images or stories.  If you want to contribute or just make contact, email pberk@berks.com

Paul Berkowitz, 1st LT.
Photo Team Leader
Jul 69 - Mar 70 …

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Combat Art

History of the 221st in 15 min.

History of the 221st Video Combat Photo Honored . Combat Photo Unit Plaque 221st Combined Company Roster 221st Signal Company (Pictorial) U.S. Army Vietnam Southeast Asia Pictorial Center 1967 - 1972 221st Crest